At MThe work/life balance is key.

We offer flexibility to all our employees from day one and operate on a family first policy. We find a happy and supported employee who doesn’t feel torn between work/life pressures is a happy, efficient and loyal employee and brings so much benefit to our business output. So if you get the call from School or you need to stay at home for the broadband engineer that’s fine by us.

All work and no play is for Jack and we don’t have anyone here called Jack. We love a good MTHE night out where we can all enjoy each other’s company without the pressure of deadlines. With many a bendy arm in-house we always stay out later than we mean to. But it keeps us as a happy and supportive team and only serves to make for good business.

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Nhan Tran

Marketing Executive

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Ryan Nguyen

Tech Lead

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Alex Velitš

Vice President

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